My interest in teaching is driven by the joy of taking a topic that is reasonably complicated and help my students to understand it. I always try to convey the beauty, implications, and applications of the topics I teach to my students, and always do this with enthusiasm: students are in the first place rarely attracted at things you are not event excited about. Considering my research interests and backgrounds, I would be delighted to give classes on any system-oriented topics, such as operating systems, computer networks, computer security, compilers and program analysis.

I have had the chance to TA computer security classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels during my PhD studies. Likewise, I had been an occasional lecturer for Master specialization and PhD summer schools. But it is with the start of my post-doctoral experience at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands, that I had the chance to fully express myself in developing and teaching a graduate-level course on Computer and Network Security (FEW 400127) I'm currently running as an Instructor along with Prof. Herbert J. Bos (the course counts 56 registered students).

The course lectures and hands-on assignments description are currently accessible only via the BlackBoard system at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to registered users. They will be available here as well shortly.