My research focuses mainly on systems security. I have always been attracted by systems security research as it generally requires you to traverse the boundaries of many important computer science disciplines such as operating systems, computer architecture, computer networks, compiler and programming languages, and distributed systems. Lately, it even became more challenging as exploring other interesting topics such as data mining and more generally machine learning techniques turned out to be really intriguing.

The goal of my work is to face challenging problems and provide solutions to them. I believe that the beauty of a solution often resides in its simplicity. Even if this is not always possible, I try to seek this simplicity while doing my research. Sometimes, solutions are also suggested by the research carried out in other fields and this greatly increases my joy doing research as it broadens my knowledge and experience furthermore.

Currently I am interested in several areas of systems security. The following highlight some areas in which I am active and which I would like to keep or start doing research in.