Miscellaneous Waffling

I am known to occasionally attempt to produce literary articles of varying quality and dubious interest. Read any of these at your peril.

The following pieces of writing all relate to some travelling I did in 1996. I have traditionally been a photographer, but this time attempted to catch some of the memories in writing rather than on film. Of course it takes rather longer, but I hope the results bring some pleasure (at least they did for me, so that's the main thing!) Please feel free to comment on them (all feedback very welcome), or indeed ask related questions, but most of all enjoy.

Here are some other articles about other adventures, all with a shameless birding slant: Out of all my attempts to communicate with the World one page seems to have attracted more (mostly positive!) feedback and comment than I could possibly ever have expected, especially as I know of no official links to it other than my own. This is my rather disrespectful A-Z of Belgium . It is barely a piece of writing, but I'll include it here anyway!

Some other pieces of flotsam and jetsam from my keyboard:

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