The Capture the Flag (CTF) competition is a hacking-oriented contest in which participants express their creativity and outside-the-box hacker-thinking attitude in facing a set of security-related challenges.

Since the beginning, CTF competitions required challengers to show their technical and intellectual skills while defending and attacking the systems of the other contestants. While formats have varied in recent years (e.g., attack-only, treasure hunt, botnet life-cycle), the spirit and the hacker attitude remained the same.

It is with this same spirit that we are eager to announce dCTF 2011, a 1-day Capture the Flag competition co-located with the 2011 edition of DIMVA, the Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment.

dCTF will take place on July 7th 2011 and will run approximately from 8:30am CEST to 4:30pm CEST. Teams can take part to the challenge either remotely or locally. We expect to limit the remote and local number of teams to 30 and 5, respectively.


  1. Attacking hosts and services other than those provided (or intended as part of the challenge) by dCTF is prohibited. Teams may be penalized or disqualified.
  2. "Real" flood, DoS, DDoS, or any other behavior intended to disrupt the service and the fun of the participants is prohibited. Teams may be penalized or disqualified.
  3. The number of members per team is limited to 8. It is up to the Point of Contact to guarantee fairness in this regards.
  4. Sharing keys or solutions is prohibited. Teams may be penalized or disqualifed.
  5. Bugs to the infrastructure should not be exploited. Report those to
  6. Any doubts about the game should be reported to
  7. If needed, we will have independent rankings (e.g., University and Non-University). In any case, to assure a reasonable level of fairness, VU Amsterdam teams will be independently ranked and won't be able to claim any prize.


Registrations for dCTF 2011 are now closed.

Contact Information

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