Soccer links

When I lived in Adelaide I had to call this game soccer because football is an aesthetically hideous game played by long haired men with sleeveless tops that apparently is devoid of any playing rules (Go the Crows!) Fortunately in Belgium there is no such confusion.

My allegiance is to Hibernian Football Club and to Scottish soccer in general. Unfortunately neither of these can guarantee aesthetic action either, but at least it is illegal to use your hands.

If you aren't fussy about your football, you can see lots of goals and gets bits of news from the Scottish Premier League.

If you really have too much time you can always amuse yourself with the latest tales of Scotland's shameless but not fameless Tartan Army.

FIFA also produce an amazingly complicated monthly World Ranking, which is always worth checking out just for a laugh: exactly how low can Scotland go??

A Scottish armchair fan goes through an incredibly complex series of emotions as he watches England's exit from the France 98 World Cup.

During France'98 we had a wee electronic tipping competetition. If you want to see just how little some people know about football you can check out what happened.

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