We all balk at appearing "on screen", so here are are a few of my painful moments in front of a camera.

Chat with Bill Buchanan

The Know Show

Talking Teaching

Comedians Giving Lectures

You can try to view Episode 8 of 12 Yard Productions' Comedians Giving Lectures if you want some advice as to whether you should trust your computer or not.

An Introduction to the ISG

Postgraduate opportunities in the ISG

On encryption control (on Blackberry devices)

On Royal Holloway's MSc Information Security

On a new University Technical College focusing on cyber security
(not me at the start!)

The Internet Age

If you are a Mandarin speaker then you might enjoy the whole of Part 7 of the 10-part Chinese CCTV documentary series The Internet Age. Otherwise you can skip to
09.46, 19.40, 24.09 and 32.46 minutes to hear words of wisdom.

Promoting The Conversation

Decoding DaVinci

Unfortunately Channel 4's Decoding Da Vinci site no longer allows you to download the clips that provide the evidence (I am interviewed twice in Episode 3). If you have access to a Box of Broadcasts account then you can find it there.

Keith's Electronic Domicile