Research Interests

My primary research interests all concern issues relating to information security, an area of increasing importance with the infiltration of computer networks into almost all aspects of life and work. Within information security, although I am originally a specialist in cryptography.

High-level recent research interests are specified below. These are intended to be generally accessible. Those seeking more details are recommended to see my list of publications.

Key management

The general problems associated with management of cryptographic keys are one of my ongoing research interests. Some specific interests in this area include:

  • Combinatorial modelling of key establishment schemes.
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of proposals for schemes that permit the recovery of cryptographic keys.  
  • Key management architectures for mobile environments.
  • Key establishment and management techniques for highly distributed environments such as wireless sensor networks,
  • Cryptographic access control.
Cryptographic applications  

I am also interested in other aspects of applied cryptographic research. These include:

  • Use of cryptography to support mobile applications.
  • Cryptography supporting cloud storage
  • Cryptography in lightweight RFID systems.
  • Cryptography in mobile ad-hoc networks.
  • Cryptography in vehicular networks.
Geopolitical aspects of cyber security  

I am working closely with colleagues in the Geopolitics and Security group at Royal Holloway on:

  • Threat construction in cyberspace
  • Cyber wargaming
  • Language and algorithms in cyberspace
  • National distributed ledgers
  • Maritime cyber security
Information for Masters students seeking project supervision: I am willing to discuss topics on almost any aspect of information security and have experience of supervising a wide variety of projects. To me it is more important that your project ideas are interesting, and that you are keen to pursue them, than that they match my personal research interests.
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