Everyday Cryptography
The second edition of Everyday Cryptography was published in June 2017.


In 2012 I completed a fairly long-running project to provide a book that supports the Royal Holloway MSc module Introduction to Cryptography and Security Mechanisms. The first edition of Everyday Cryptography was published by Oxford University Press in March 2012.

The second edition, which features updates to key technologies and twenty percent new material on the likes of Tor, bitcoin, TLS 1.3, iPhone cryptography, WhatsApp cryptography, as well as a full chapter on the control of cryptography (following the Edward Snowden revelations).

Although there seem to be dozens (well, easily over 100) existing books on cryptography, most of these fall into several camps. Either they are:

  • Mathematical in their emphasis and designed to support courses aimed at mathematical science students, largely through details of algorithms and protocols. These books are often inaccessible for students from broader backgrounds.
  • Introductory books that lack perspective on the application of cryptography.
  • Specialist books aimed at narrow applications or aimed at research.
The main author who has targeted the wider information security professional audience is probably Bruce Schneier, but his books (such as Cryptography Engineering) are not really ideal support books for educational courses (they are good additional reading).

So, Everyday Cryptography is aimed to fill this "gap" in the market, and I hope it will be of interest to a range of audiences, from information security professionals who want an "entry" guide to cryptography through to the mathematical science students who want some more application perspectives on cryptography.

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