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ISG Bulletin Board

Finding the Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board can be found at the URL


It is essential that you pick a good password for your user account. You might not have anything of any importance on the ISG systems but others do! Any system is as strong as it's weekest link and you are responsible for your account and anything that happens from that account.

Mailing Lists

There is currently one mailing list available for ISG students; the list is solely reserved for staff posting. Students must subscribe to the list to avoid missing any important/interesting announcements.


Use the mailing list sign up form to select which list you wish to sign up for.

Creating PDFs from documents

CutePDF writer is recommended for generating PDF files and can be download for free from

To save a document as a PDF on campus, log on to any of the MSc lab PC's (McCrea 254 or Tolansky Lab) and do the following:

  1. Open your document normally.


Welcome to ISG's new Frequently Asked Questions. New questions and their respective answers will be added periodically, but if you can't find the solution to your particular problem here, and it's not covered in the [slightly longer] help files on the ISG support pages, please contact us.

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