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ISG Mailing List Sign-Up Form 2016/2017

Note 1 Commas (,) are automatically deleted from all fields. This shouldn't cause a problem to anyone. Feel free to complain if it does.
Note 2 In case it's not clear, Normal Part Time 1 is for first year part time students. Normal Part Time 2 is for second year part time students (part time students study their MSc over a 2-year period).
Note 3 Your student number is the 9 digit student number you were assigned when you registered (eg. 100543210). It should also be printed on your student card.
Note 4 If you are still undecided about the choice of core module (Core A or Core B) or Track then select the most likely choice (you can always change your mind later on).
Note 5 A CPD student studies the MSc over a period of at least 3 years.
Note 6 When filling in the name boxes please make sure that they are exactly the same as the names on your student card.
Note 7 If you experience any problems, please report them to cimhelpdesk@rhul.ac.uk.

*Given Name (Forenames):

*Family Name (Surname):

*Student Number:

Work Phone Number (part time students):

Mobile Phone Number:

Home Phone Number (during TERM-TIME!):

*Email Address (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you type it in correctly):

*Full/Normal Part Time/Resit/CPD Part Time

*Provisional core module choice:

*Provisional track choice: