ISG awarded Centre of Excellence status

RHUL Royal Holloway, University of London has been recognised for its world class research in the field of cyber security by UK intelligence agency GCHQ. The College is one of just eight institutions to receive Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR) status.

Royal Holloway’s Information Security Group is one of the largest academic security groups in the world. The group conducts internationally-leading research in all areas of information security, including: the design and evaluation of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, where it contributes actively to the international standardisation process; smart cards; electronic commerce; security management; mobile telecommunications security; and the integration of security techniques into specific applications.

Professor Mary Fowler, Dean of Science at Royal Holloway, commented: "The recognition of Royal Holloway as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research is a richly deserved recognition for our researchers, who are among the best in the world in their field." Professor Keith Martin, Director of Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, said: “ISG is delighted that its long-standing reputation for research in cyber security has been recognised through this award to Royal Holloway. This sends a very positive signal to the outside world about the quality of our research, since we are one of a select few institutions to receive ACE-CSR status. We found the ACE-CSR application process to be a very positive experience, since it provided an opportunity to formally document the breadth and depth of cyber security research that has been undertaken by the ISG.”

The Centres of Excellence will benefit the UK by:

* Enhancing the UK’s cyber knowledge base through original research
* Providing top quality graduates in the field of cyber security
* Supporting GCHQ’s cyber defence mission
* Driving up the level of innovation

ISG and the other Centres of Excellence will help make the UK government, business and consumers more resilient to cyber attack by extending knowledge and enhancing skills in cyber security. For any queries regarding the Information Security Group, please contact Emma Mosley, ISG Administrator, on isg [at] rhul [dot] ac [dot] uk