IMA Eleventh IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding
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Invited Speakers

  • Whitfield Diffie (Sun Microsystems)
    ``Directions in Signals Intelligence''

    The first step in developing security is an exploration of the threats against which protection is required. Cryptography and other communication security measures are responses to signals intelligence. We will undertake a broad historical and taxonomic examination of the field, identifying of a number of trends, and conclude with reflections on where signals intelligence is headed.

  • Jonathan Katz (University of Maryland)
    ``Efficient Cryptographic Protocols Based on the Hardness of Learning Parity with Noise''

    The problem of learning parity with noise (The LPN problem), which can be re-cast as the problem of decoding a random linear code, has attracted attention recently as a possible tool for developing highly-efficient cryptographic primitives suitable for resource-constrained devices such as RFID tags. This article surveys recent work aimed at designing efficient authentication protocols based on the conjectured hardness of this problem.

  • Patrick Solé (Nice)
    ``Galois Rings and Pseudo-random Sequences''

    We survey our constructions of pseudo random sequences (binary, Z_8, Z_{2^l},...) from Galois rings. Techniques include a local Weil bound for character sums, and several kinds of Fourier transform. Applications range from cryptography (boolean functions, key generation), to communications (multi-code CDMA), to signal processing (PAPR reduction).

Last updated: Nov 27, 2007