IMA Eleventh IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding
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18:30-19:30 Registration in the Tithe Barn


19:30-20:30 Buffet Dinner for residents only




09:00-09:25 Registration


09:25-09:30 Opening remarks


09:30-10:30 Invited talk: Jonathan Katz
Efficient Cryptographic Protocols Based on the Hardness of Learning Parity with Noise


10:30-11:15 Tea


11:15-12:15 - Signatures I


Finding Invalid Signatures in Pairing-based Batches

L. Law and B. J. Matt (National Security Agency, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA)


How to Forge a Time-Stamp which Adobe's Acrobat Accepts
T. Izu, T. Shimoyama, M. Takenaka (FUJITSU Lab., Japan)


12:15-14:00 Lunch


14:00-15:30 Boolean functions


Efficient Computation of the Best Quadratic Approximations of Cubic Boolean

N. Kolokotronis, K. Limniotis, N. Kalouptsidis (University of Athens, Greece)


On the Extended Walsh Spectrum of a New APN Function
C. Bracken, E. Byrne, N. Markin, G. McGuire (University College Dublin,Republic of Ireland)


Non-Linear Cryptanalysis Revisited: Heuristic Search for Approximations to Sboxes
J.M.E. Tapiador, J.A. Clark, J.C. Hernandez-Castro (University of Madrid, Spain

and University of York, UK)

15:30-16:00 Tea


16:00-17:30 Block Cipher Cryptanalysis



Cryptanalysis of the EPBC authenticated encryption mode
C. J. Mitchell (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)

Blockwise-Adaptive Chosen-Plaintext Attack and Online Modes of Encryption
G.V. Bard (Fordham University, USA)

Algebraic Cryptanalysis of the Data Encryption Standard
N.T. Courtois and G.V. Bard (University College of London, UK and University of Maryland, USA)


19:00 Dinner




08:50-09:50 Side channels


Cryptographic Side-Channels from Low Power Cache Memory
P. Grabher, D. Page, J. Groszschaedel (University of Bristol, UK)

New Branch Prediction Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL and Necessary Software
O. Aciicmez, S. Gueron and J.-P.
Seifert (Samsung America, University of Haifa, Israel and and Intel Corporation, Israel Design Center, Israel, University of Innsbruck, Austria)


09:50-10:00 Short break


10:00-11:00 Linear complexity


Remarks on the New Attack on the Filter Generator and the Role of High Order

P. Rizomiliotis (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)

Modified Berlekamp-Massey algorithm for approximating the k-error linear

complexity of binary sequences
A. Alecu and A. Salagean (University of Loughborough, UK)


11:00-11:30 Tea


11:30-12:30 Invited talk: Patrick Solé

Galois Rings and Pseudo-random Sequences


12:30-14:00 Lunch


14:00-15:30 Public key encryption


Efficient KEMs with Partial Message Recovery
T.E. Bjorstad, A.W. Dent and N.P. Smart (The Selmer Centre, Norway, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK and University of Bristol, UK)


Randomness Reuse: Extensions and Improvements
M. Barbosa and P. Farshim (Universidade do Minho, Portugal and University of Bristol, UK)


On the connection between signcryption and one-pass key establishment
M.C. Gorantla, C. Boyd, J.M. Gonzalez Nieto (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)


15:30-16:00 Tea


16:00-17:30 Curves


Optimised Versions of the Ate and Twisted Ate Pairings
S. Matsuda and N. Kanayama and F. Hess and E. Okamoto (T.U. Berlin and Tsukuba University, Japan)

Extractors for Jacobian of Hyperelliptic Curves of Genus 2 in OddCharacteristic

R. Rezaeian Farashahi (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)


Constructing Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves Using Grobner basis

W.D. Benits Junior and S.D. Galbraith (Royal Holloway, University of London,


19:30 Drinks reception


20:00 Banquet




09:00-10:00 RSA implementation


Efficient 15,360-bit RSA Using Whoop-Optimised Montgomery Arithmetic
K. Bentahar and N. P. Smart (University of Bristol, UK)

Acceleration of RSA Using 3D Graphics Hardware

A. Moss, D. Page and N.P. Smart (University of Bristol, UK)


10:00-10:05 Short break


10:05-11:05 Signatures II


Multi-key Hierarchical Identity-Based Signatures

H.W. Lim and K. G. Paterson (Royal Holloway, University of London,



Verifier-Key-Flexible Universal Designated-Verifier Signatures

R. Tso, J.M. Gonzalez Nieto, T. Okamoto, C. Boyd, E. Okamoto (University of

Tsukuba, Japan and Queensland University of Technology, Australia)


11:05-11:30 Tea


11:30-12:30 Invited talk: Whitfield Diffie
Directions in Signals Intelligence

12:30-12:35 Closing remarks


12:40-14:00 Lunch



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