Sriramkrishnan Srinivasan

PhD Student
Information Security Group
Royal Holloway
University of London

About me

I completed my PhD in 2010 and I have now taken up a research position at the University of Surrey. My most up to date page can be found here.

I am a PhD student working under Prof Kenny Paterson.
Dr.Steven Galbraith is my advisor.
I am supported by a Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award (DHPA), funded by EPSRC and Vodafone.
Prior to this I received an M.Sc with distinction in Information Security at RHUL, which I attended on a Chevening Scholarship.
I was also a research intern at British Telecom's Information Security Research Centre at Adastral Park where I concentrated on Network Resilience studies.

Academic Activity

Between 29 June and 10 July 2009, I was a visitor at the Information Security Institute at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Between 2-4 July, I attended and presented at ACISP 09 at QUT.
I was a tutor on the Advanced Cryptography module of University of London's Distance Learning MSc progam in Information Security for the academic year.
I co-ordinated the weekly ISG student seminar series.

I am helping out with the Eleventh IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding that my advisor Dr. Galbraith is programme chair of. You can find more information here. I designed the site and in case you are wondering that it has a feeling of deja vu to it, it is shamelessy based on the Eurocrypt 2007 web site. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery :)

I have been a TA, marking scripts for the Network Security Module and Computer Crime modules of the MSc in Information Security.

I started my PhD in the September of 2006 and attended some modules of the MSc in Mathematics of Cryptography and Communications, that the department kindly allowed me to sit in.


My DBLP Page.


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5 ) Building Key-Private PKE schemes. Presentation at ACISP 2009. Slides


4 ) Referencing and Versioning: Tips and Tricks. A talk on using JabRef and Tortoise SVN to make academic life easier.
3 ) Security and anonymity of identity-based encryption with multiple trusted authorities. Presentation at Pairing 2008. Slides
2 ) Multi-TA IBE. PhD Student Seminar presentation. Updated to 3


1 ) ID based Cryptography from Pairings. First year PhD students presentation at the ISG at RHUL.Slides

Workshops/ Conferences Attended

I greatfully acknowledge that all expenses to attend the following events were paid for by a travel grant associated with my PhD scholarship, funded by EPSRC and Vodafone, and through funding associated with the Ecrypt project of which the ISG is a partner.

13 ) ACISP 09, 2-4 July 2009, QUT, Brisbane, Australia.
12 ) Ecrypt II Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Cryptography, 2-6 February 2009, EPFL, Switzerland.
11 ) HP Day 2008, RHUL, Egham, UK.
10 ) ICICS 08, 20-22 October 2008, University of Birmingham, UK.
9 ) Pairings 08, 1-3 September 2008, RHUL, Egham, UK.
8 ) Royal Holloway, Information Security Group, Alumni Conference, 21-23 July 2008, Egham, UK.
7 ) Eleventh IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding, 18-20 December, 2007, Cirencester, UK.
6 ) HP Day 2007, RHUL, Egham, UK.
5 ) ETISS 07, 29 September - 5th October 2007, RuHR University, Bocchum, Germany.
4 ) FOSAD 07, 9-15 September 2007, University Residential Center, Bertinoro, Italy.
3 ) SWING 07, 26-31 August 2007, University Residential Center, Bertinoro, Italy.
2 ) WEWoRC 07, 4-6 July 2007, RuHR University, Bocchum, Germany.
1 ) HP Day 2006, RHUL, Egham, UK.
0 ) The Bristol Holloway Provable Security Day, Bletchley Park.


4 ) IEEE Student member
3 ) IACR Student member
2 ) Associate of CISSP
1 ) Mensa International


IndoSec is a site (unfortunately, now almost defunct) where I write on issues relating to the moral and legal aspects of Information Security, Right to Information, Privacy and Data Protection, or the lack of it, especially in India, the country of my birth.

Parts of me on the Web

Searching for "Sriramkrishnan Srinivasan" on Google does return links to me. I am Google indexed! :) Most of these links point to information on me at the ISG at RHUL, posts on various open sources projects I have dabbled with along the way, and IndoSec.

I also have some blogs online which I either write alone or with friends.

Kauntext also known as Whisky Tango Foxtrot, abbreviated to WTF is a lighthearted blog that documents "interesting" sights and clippings from the world over, but mostly from India. WARNING Some of this content may be offensive

I also have a Personal Web Diary

Finally, this is my photo album.

Contact Details

Sriramkrishnan Srinivasan
Room 253, McCrea Building
Information Security Group
Department of Mathematics
Royal Holloway, University of London

s.srinivasan at rhul dot ac dot uk
shrichris at gmail dot com

01784 443113 (o)

"....backwards understood be only can but, forward lived be to has Life"
- Kierkegaard.

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