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I have to confess that inside of me is a restless bit that likes to try to experience as much of the rest of the world as time and wallet can cope with (which is nowhere near enough). The following are miscellaneous links that I have found useful when planning to go from somewhere to somewhere else, via a third place, staying a Saturday night, but not coming back on a Monday. You know the kind of problem I am sure. Of course I should stress that these sites are just sites I have used and are by no means sites that are commercially sponsoring either me or my employer in any way (I wish!)

How much, what time?

The following two links are quite priceless and I confess to using them regularly.

Will it rain?

The conversation topic to end all conversation topics....

Online Booking and Timetables

When it works it is one of the marvels of the Internet age. When it fails to work, or your registration gets lost, or you forget your password, or you get to the end of a tedious form and you lose the connection ... then you wish you'd just picked up the phone. Nonetheless, I have used most of the following sites, and survived to tell the tale.

Finding your way

I'm gobsmacked. The U.K. is a small country, but it is even smaller now....

Places to Visit

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