Welcome to the Spare Room

Here are various bits 'n bobs. The kinds of things that seem to lie around a home page and not really have anywhere else to go. Fortunately I have a spare room where I can dump them all and probably never find them again...

The greatest television series of all time is surely The Clangers. Playing these audio files has tears of sentimentality flowing down my cheeks - this site is awesome.

Put your money where your gut is and support CAMRA.

I'll confess that my enjoyment of the Samachar Food Channel will give a fair amount of information away about some of my favourite food.

Amaze your foreign friends with appalling Spanish thanks to The Babelfish.

HTML colour codes.

Do this strange Japanese personality test.

A quite excellent collection of international dumb laws.

A good explanation of that classic burning question: How many countries are there in the World?

A general site with links to free Internet stuff (including ClipArt).

And finally, if you haven't already visited then you should really view the last page of the Internet.

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