Reading (and Listening)

I like to read but often found it hard to squeeze in the time. Now I have found the perfect solution - don't own a television! It really works. I now read rather a lot and am pleased to report that I now own a bookcase of books that I have read, rather than ones that I hope to read one day... if I have the time... if there's nothing on the box...

The Internet of course has more out there to read than anyone knows what to do with, but it all gets read by someone eventually - you're reading this after all! Although it hasn't quite matched paper for reading comfort, I do admit to browsing the newspapers fairly regularly on the Internet. Here are a few of the ones I scan more often than others:

Begin local...

Elsewhere in Britain:

Rather further away...

Some of the best websites on the Internet of course belong to national broadcasters:

But as we don't own a TV, we spend quite a lot of time listening to the radio:

Other things:

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