RA/PhD researchers
Current researchers
Ela Berners-Lee
Ela joined the CDT Cyber Security in 2014. She has a background in both mathematics and information security, and is currently researching topics in applied cryptography.
Ben Curtis
Ben is a mathematician who joined the CDT Cyber Security in 2015. He is interested in real world cryptography and post quantum cryptography.
Lydia Garms
Lydia joined the CDT Cyber Security in 2015, and has a Masters in Applicable Mathematics. She is interested in design and application of signature schemes.
Andreas Haggman
Andreas has a background in War Studies. He joined the CDT Cyber Security in 2015 and is jointly supervised by Prof. Klaus Dodds in the Department of Geography. Andreas is researching the design and effectiveness of war gaming applied to cyber security.
Steve Hersee
Steve is a former RAF Officer who joined the CDT Cyber Security in 2013. He is interested in the geopolitics of cyber security and is jointly supervised by Prof. Pete Adey in the Department of Geography.
Rory Hopcraft
Rory is a geographer who joined the CDT Cyber Security in 2016. He is interested in maritime cyber security and is jointly supervised by Prof. Klaus Dodds.
Haibat Khan
Haibat commenced his studies in late 2016, with a PhD scholarship from the Pakistan Air Force. He is interested in applied cryptography and security of applications.
Nick Robinson
Nick has a background in Geopolitics and Security. He joined the CDT Cyber Security to research virtual embassies. He is jointly supervised by Prof. Klaus Dodds in the Department of Geography.
Pip Thornton
Pip previously worked for the Metropolitan Police and joined the CDT Cyber Security in 2013. She collects degrees, holding BAs in History and Politics, English Literature and an MA in English. Pip is interested in the influence of language in algorithms and how this interplays with privacy and security. She is jointly supervised by Prof Pete Adey in the Department of Geography.
Zhiqian Xu Zhiqian is a part-time student working for FedEx in the US. She is interested in key management for distributed storage systems and commenced her studies in October 2009.
Past researchers
James Alderman
James joined the CLARUS project in 2015 working on processing of encrypted data in the cloud. He finished in September 2017 and is now working for Thales.
Zeeshan Bilal Zeeshan completed his PhD thesis on Addressing Security and Privacy Issues in Low-Cost RFID Systems in 2015. He was a cyber security expert for the Pakistani Air Force and is now a security analyst at the Perform Group.
Mwawi Nyirenda Kayuni Mwawi was a Schlumberger Faculty of the Future Scholar from Malawi. She completed her PhD thesis on A Combinatorial Approach for Frequency Hopping Schemes in 2017. Mwawi is a Lecturer at Chancellor College, University of Malawi.
Michelle Kendall Michelle completed her thesis on Combinatorial Aspects of
Key Predistribution for Resource-Constrained Networks
in 2013. She is now a Research Associate at Imperial College.
Miss Laiha Mat Kiah Miss is a Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya. She completed her thesis A Key Management Framework for Secure Group Communication in Wireless Mobile Environments in July 2007, extending previous work for fixed multicast networks.
Thalia Laing
Thalia completed her thesis on Enhanced Threshold Schemes and their Applications in 2017. She is now a Security Researcher at HP Inc.
Konstantinos Mersinas
Konstantinos completed his PhD on Risk Perception and Attitude in Information Security Decision-making in 2017. He is interested in how behavioural economics influences decision making in information security professionals. He was jointly supervised by Prof. Andy Seltzer and Bjoern Hartig in the Department of Economics and is now a Lecturer in the Information Security Group at Royal Hollloway.
Qin Li Qin completed his PhD thesis on Design and Analysis of Electronic Feedback Mechanisms in 2012. He was formerly a postdoctoral researcher at NTU, Singapore and is now CEO of Everyday Ratings, based in the Sydney.
Thomas Martin Thomas wrote a thesis A Set Theoretic Approach to Broadcast Encryption on the finer subtleties of the efficiency of some of the most well-known techniques for key distribution in broadcast environments. He was co-supervised by Peter Wild and now works at Manchester Metropolitan University. 
Julia Novak Julia is a combinatorial mathematician who completed her thesis on Generalised Key Distribution Patterns in 2012. She now works in the Mathematics Department at the University of Auckland.
Tom Page Tom works as a Senior Software Engineer at Alfresco. His thesis The application of hash chains and hash structures to cryptography develops a toolkit of techniques for designing and applying generalisations of hash chains to different environments such as lightweight authentication, digital signatures, online auctions and key establishment. Tom was co-supervised by Siaw-Lynn Ng.
Maura Paterson Maura Paterson was the most recent in a line of pure mathematicians from Adelaide who made their way to Royal Holloway. She was employed on a three-year research project working on key establishment for wireless sensor networks between January 2007 and September 2009. Maura now works at Birkbeck College, University of London.
Geong Sen Poh Geong Sen is a Senior Research Fellow at NUS-Singtel Lab, Singapore. His thesis Design and Analysis of Fair Content Tracing Protocols concerned new approaches to proposing protocols that allow digital content to be traced in ways that remain fair to both distributors and acquirers of content. He completed his PhD in April 2009.
Sarah Louise Renwick Sarah Louise was sponsored by an EPSRC CASE award with Thales. Sarah Louise completed her thesis on Searching on Encrypted Data in 2017.
Markku Saarinen Markku is from Finland (more recently a global citizen). He has completed his thesis on Cryptanalysis of Dedicated Hash Functions and is currently working somewhere (I give up trying to edit this entry!) Just google him!
Wei Zhang Wei completed his PhD thesis on Generalisations and Security Analysis of Signcryption Schemes in 2012. Wei is a consultant with Accenture UK.
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