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Well, I've never rammed a whaling ship or sat in front of a logging bulldozer, but I do believe that the biggest problems our planet faces are environmental ones and that such drastic action is not really what it takes to address them. This is a very broad subject indeed and there are a lot of good pages out there on the Internet on environmental issues. The following links are pages that at some point in the past I decided to bookmark and I encourage you to roam the web for further information resources if any of these topics interest you.

Environmental Organisations

Here are just a selection of organisations that I have had something to with at some stage.

Australian Environmental Links

Australia is a continent where man's devastating impact on the marine and terrestrial environment has taken place over a dramatically short period of history. The changes brought about by recent European settlement have meant that we have witnessed these changes over just a few generations.

Special Places

Here are some links to some special places on this great rotating orb:


This of course deserves a whole page on its own: Ornithological links.


Some of these pages are fascinating, and some downright silly, but it is nonetheless amazing what information you can get at the press of a few keys.

Natural Sounds

I am a fan of natural recordings, as I love the sounds of nature as much as the sights of nature. And it's not always birds that make the best sounds! Here's a few natural sound links.

Green Stores

Green stores - is that an oxymoron? Hmm.. anyway - some stores have greener tinges than others:

Other Sites

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