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New website goes live 07/01/2014 !!!!

             New website goes live 07/01/2014, but still under development. Please follow http://km.isg.rhul.ac.uk/

My name is Konstantinos Markantonakis and I come from Hania, a town which is located in the north - western part of the island of Crete, in the southern Hellas (Greece). I am currently a Reader (Associate Professor) in Information Security at the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. My main academic research interests include, smart card security and applications, secure cryptographic protocol design, Public Key Infrastructures and key management, mobile phone security, embedded systems and RFID security.

As part of my teaching responsibilities I am co-responsible for the optional module Smart cards/Tokens Security and Applications (IY5606) on the Information Security Masters Programme at Royal Holloway. I am also the Msc Projects Director (Msc Projects) for the Information Security Masters Programme.

I continue to act as a consultant on a variety of topics including smart card security, key management, information security protocols, mobile devices, NFC security, smart card migration program planning/project management for financial institutions, transport operators and technology integrators.

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