carlos cid’s homepage

I am a Professor at the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London

academic interests

My main (current) academic interests:

  • Symmetric Key Cryptology: block ciphers and stream ciphers
  • Asymmetric Key Cryptology: post-quantum cryptography
  • Applications of Computational Algebra in Cryptology
  • Economics of Information Security

academic activities

  • I am the Director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Cyber Security at Royal Holloway. The CDT is hosted by the Information Security Group, and will provide multidisciplinary training to three successive annual cohorts of around 10 students each, starting in October 2013.
    We have completed the recruitment for the 2014 cohort. Applications for the 2015 entry will open in November 2014.
  • Teaching activities in 2014/2015:
    • module leader and lecturer in the Security Testing Theory and Practice (IY5610) module, in the MSc in Information Security course (Spring Term)

phd students

current students:

  • Viet Pham (applications of game theory in information security)
  • Gordon Procter (symmetric cryptography)
  • Christian Janson (secure outsourcing of computation)
  • Rachel Player (computational algebra approaches to LWE)

former students:

research projects

  • International Technology Alliance (ITA): a collaborative research alliance between the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) and US Army Research Laboratory (US ARL), with a consortium of academic and industry partners. I am involved in the project considering applications of cryptographic mechanisms for providing security of hybrid coalition networks and distributed systems.
  • Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security (RISCS): one of three Research Institutes formed as part of the UK National Cyber Security Strategy, I am involved in the project considering game theoretic techniques for modelling cyber security decision-making problems.

other professional activities