User's Guide to Cryptography and Standards


Alex Dent and Chris Mitchell

Artech House, 2005.


Corrections, Additional material, Footnotes


Version 0.37 (updated on 1/3/09) of a list of all known errors in the book is available as a web page or as a pdf file.

Please send details of any errors or suspected errors to; first discoverers of errors will be gratefully acknowledged.

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Additional material

A separate, and freely available, Companion to the User's Guide has been created. This contains complete and updated versions of all the tables, end-of-chapter notes, and references given in the published version of the User's Guide. Also provided is additional material that supplements and updates the User's Guide, sub-divided under the same chapter headings as are used in the User's Guide. It is intended that the Companion will be updated regularly, so that the combination of the User's Guide and Companion will continue to provide current coverage of cryptography and standards.

Version 1.23 (updated on 21/10/06) of the Companion is available as a web page or as a pdf file.

As always, comments, corrections, and suggestions for additions are most welcome and are gratefully received.

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