Mailing Lists

There is currently one mailing list available for ISG students; the list is solely reserved for staff posting. Students must subscribe to the list to avoid missing any important/interesting announcements.


Use the mailing list sign up form to select which list you wish to sign up for. Two messages will be sent to your email address; one with a confirmation code and the other with further instructions. This is standard mailing list practice and an attempt to protect you from bogus subscriptions.


You will only need to unsubscribe from your subject's administrative list when you complete the course or if you change email address (else you'll have to deal with the wrath of Chez). To do so, send an email to, the body and subject of the message are ignored.


DO NOT POST ANYTHING TO THE TWO ADMINISTRATIVE LISTS!!! They are to be used by faculty and staff for important announcements.

If you're are stuck, see Jon (Jon.Hart [at] rhul [dot] ac [dot] uk) or Tristan (Tristan.Findley [at] rhul [dot] ac [dot] uk) in room 357.