ISG Bulletin Board

Finding the Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board can be found at the URL

If you are accessing it from off campus you will get an authentication popup box, Do not enter your username. Enter the bulletin board shared username and password you were given in your induction pack (As a hint the username is BB). This username and password Does NOT change after you register. You only see this popup box from off campus.

Once past the initial login, you will be presented with the Information Security Group bulletin board login screen. This is where you enter your username and password if you have already registered. If you have not yet registered then click on Register (top of the screen) and complete the Registration Information section. The Profile Information section is optional, but you might want to fill this in if you want your classmates to be able to contact you in other ways like MSM.

Username Format

You MUST select your username using the following algorithm:

    • If you are a member of staff start with a capital ST
    • If you are a PhD student start with a capital P AND the 2-digit year you first enrolled (e.g. P02)
    • If you are an MSc student start with the 2-digit year you first enrolled in the programme

  1. Follow this by a dot
  2. Follow this by your first name initial
  3. Followed by another dot
  4. Follow this by your middle name initial (if you've got one)
  5. Followed by another dot
  6. Follow this by your last name (surname)

  • Optionally, if the username you generated in the previous step is already taken, append '2' at the end of the username (or 3 if 2 is also taken, etc.)
  • For example: If your name is John Smith and you began the msc in 2001, then your username will be 01.j.smith
    If 01.j.smith is already taken because there is another Jhn Smith that started the same year as you, try 01.j.smith2
  • An example PhD username would be P01.j.smith
  • An example staff username would be ST.j.smith

For those technical people, the regexp for the username is:


Usernames not conforming to the username format will be deleted with out notice.

Past students are more than welcome to re register so long as you use the username format.

Registration Confirmation

Once you have filled out the registration form, you will be sent a message to the email address you entered. This will contain a link you must go to in order to activate your account. Once that is done, you can log in and start using the bulletin board.

If you click on the link in the email and you get an error message then your mail client has probably wrapped the URL across multiple lines and when you clicked it, it missed the end off. Make sure you put the whole URL in the browser or it will not work.


After you register the initial logon authentication remains the same. Your username and password should not be typed into the popup box that appears if you are trying to access the forum from off campus.

I can't remember my username/password:

Your username should be easy to figure out. Simply repeat the algorithm shown above. If you didn't adhere to it when you first created your account then it has probably been deleted anyway, so you might as well start again. If you can't remember your password, go to the bulletin board page (see above) and click on the Log in icon at the top of the page. There's a link for I forgot my password. Follow the instructions there. If you're still stuck for some reason, contact us.

Usage Hints

To search all posts in all forums, click Search at the top of the screen and enter search terms into the Search for Keywords box then click the Search button at the bottom of the screen. All results will be listed in reverse chronological order. You can use * for a wildcard in searches.

For comprehensive instructions on using phpBB, see or