Workshop on Theory and Practice in Cryptography

RHUL ISG researcher Kenny Paterson recently co-organised a workshop on theory and practice in cryptography that was held at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge as part of the centenary celebrations for Alan Turing year. The workshop, sponsored by EPSRC and the ECRYPT-II Network of Excellence was provocatively titled "Is Cryptographic Theory Practically Relevant?" It brought together researchers who work in theoretical aspects of cryptography (principally, provable security of protocols) and people working on applied aspects of cryptography, particularly those involved in standardization and in industrial deployment of cryptography.

The event attracted more than 100 participants to three days of lively discussion and debate, with talk titles ranging from "Privacy in Deniable Anonymous Concurrent Authentication with Setup is Impossible: Do we Care?" to "A long answer to the simple question, "Is TLS provably secure?" Many of the talks are available by following the links at: Planning is already underway for a second event to be held at Stanford University in early 2013.