Publication of Prof. Keith Martin's book 'Everyday Cryptography'

RHUL We are delighted to announce the publication of Prof. Keith Martin’s book “Everyday Cryptography”, which was published at the start of March by Oxford University Press. This book has been written in part to support the core module “Introduction to Cryptography and Security Mechanisms” that is taught on the MSc Information Security.

“There are a large number of books written about cryptography, but very few are targeted at non-mathematical audiences who need to know the role that cryptography plays in the real world”, Keith explains. “This book is intended to widely accessible and application focussed. I hope it will be of interest to both practitioners, students of cryptography and anyone who simply wants to learn more about this fascinating subject”.

Prof. Kenny Paterson, in reviewing the book, commented “Everyday Cryptography presents difficult concepts in a simple way, but no simpler than is absolutely necessary. If a reader wants an honest-to-goodness overview of what cryptography is about, what problems it can solve, and how it is used in the real world, then this should be their text of choice”.