ISG Professor co-organising Dagstuhl Seminar – September 2013

RHUL Professor Jason Crampton will be the co-organiser of the Dagstuhl seminar "Verifiably Secure Process-Aware Information Systems", which will take place in September 2013. Schloss Dagstuhl in Germany is one of the world's leading venues for informatics research It's week-long seminars are famous for bringing together world-class scientists, both from industry and academia, to discuss challenging research problems, to improve our understanding of those problems, and to develop solutions to those problems.

The seminar is organised jointly with Dr Raphael Accorsi (University of Freiburg), Dr Michael Huth (Imperial College London, UK) and Professor Stefanie Rinderle-Ma (University of Vienna). The seminar will bring together researchers from the areas of Business Process Management, Security & Privacy, and Formal Analysis. The seminar will be concerned with supporting the flexible design, implementation, and maintenance of business process systems whilst at the same time supporting assurance for those systems’ compliance with regulations, protection of privacy, and enforcement of security policies. The overall objective of the seminar is to facilitate the development of business information systems and workflow management applications that can be proven to enforce a wide variety of business rules and policies.