Intel grant awarded to RHUL to deliver new MSc module

RHUL The ISG have recently been awarded a grant by Intel to deliver a new module as part of the MSc in Information Security. The proposed course, likely to be offered from the 2013-14 academic year, will inform future security professionals, on one hand, about the economic tools that address some of the needs for quantitative methodologies; and on the other hand about methods to include security into economic and business analyses. The need for such methods is increasingly felt among the security practitioners and stakeholders, and the course is hoped to fill a gap in the current security curricula. The beneficiaries thus include the users and the providers of computing services and infrastructure at large, including the leaders like Intel, who depend on maintaining a stable and capable work force.

The main challenge of the course is that it will bring together some methods normally taught to the students of economics, with some methods normally taught to the students of computer science, assuming two disjoint sets of prerequisites. We contend that bringing the two families of methods together is necessary for tackling a new family of problems, which is beyond the reach of each family alone. To overcome the challenge, the course will require exceptional level of teaching support, including multimedia, web interactions, and diverse labs and practicals. The Intel gift is hoped to bring us above the threshold of the resources needed to address this exceptional task.