Professor Fred Piper delivers keynote speech at ICITST 2011

Prof. Fred PiperIn December 2011, Professor Fred Piper gave a keynote address to the 6th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST 2011).

The conference is Technical Co-sponsored by IEEE UAE Computer Chapter. The ICITST is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practical implementation of secured Internet transactions and to fostering discussions on information technology evolution. The ICITST aims to provide a highly professional and comparative academic research forum that promotes collaborative excellence between academia and industry.

The objectives of the ICITST are to bridge the knowledge gap between academia and industry, promote research esteem in secured Internet transactions and the importance of information technology evolution to secured transactions. The ICITST-2011 invites research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and performance evaluation.

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