The 22nd Hewlett-Packard Colloquium on Information Security

thumbThe 22nd Hewlett-Packard Colloquium on Information Security was held at Royal Holloway on 19th December 2011. This annual event brings together the Information Security Group's partners from academia, industry and government in an informal and relaxed environment, to enjoy informative and entertaining talks, to network, and to properly start the wind-down to Christmas.

This year, we were blessed with three very different talks. Michael Colao kicked proceedings off with a provocative talk on cloud computing and security, putting forward the dichotomy that everything and nothing changes with the advent of the cloud. Michael was followed on stage by Professor David Basin from ETH Zurich who gave an overview of his research group's efforts over the last 10 years to develop a method and tool support enabling the modelling of secure software designs and to automatically transform these models into secure systems in the form of running code. This report from the frontiers of research into secure systems development was warmly welcomed by the audience. Finally, Rick Howard from Verisign/iDefense gave a fascinating insight into his team's work to 'reverse engineer' high profile hacking incidents using only information in the public domain. A particular focus was placed on Stuxnet, where Rick emphasized the degree of sophistication and planning that had gone into designing, launching and finally escalating the attack.

Professor Kenny Paterson, the event organiser said "Once again, HP's invaluable support has enabled us to put together an exciting day of talks. We're already planning the 2012 event, and we encourage everyone in the ISG's extended network of friends to make sure we have your up-to-date contact details in our database. (Please advise of any change of details to Emma Mosley on isg [at] rhul [dot] ac [dot] uk).