ISG academics to attend New Security Paradigms Workshop

loginscreenAcademics from the ISG will present two papers at the special invitation-only New Security Paradigms Workshop in Marin County in September 2011. The underpinning philosophy of this workshop is to encourage new directions in information security and provide support to develop the communication of those new directions to more traditional security communities.

Dr Lizzie Coles-Kemp is co-author of a paper that “describes a security policy design approach that is sensitive to subcultures within an organisation and uses both policy design and policy implementation approaches to integrate security policy at a subcultural level”. Prof. Dusko Pavlovic will “sketch a framework to measure the value of security by obscurity in games of incomplete information”.

Dusko is looking forward to attending this prestigious event: “While security is increasingly partitioned into the subareas dominated by a set of standard methods, popular conferences, and a closed community of researchers, the actual security problems are often breaching boundaries and assumptions, and the paradigms have been shifting faster than in almost any other area. Since the late 90s, the New Security Paradigms Workshop has been trying to capture this movement as it is happening. Its main feature is that it provides time for a thorough discussion about each contribution by all participants.”

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