ISG/SCC Counter Expertise Task on the OV-Chipkaart System

thumbA team of Information Security Group/Smart Card Centre experts led by Dr. Keith Mayes was engaged by the Dutch Government to carry out a counter expertise analysis of a report into the Dutch OV-Chipkaart transport system. This was in response to some recently published attacks on Mifare Classic smart cards (on which some OV-Chipkaarts are currently based). The ISG/SCC was proud to have been selected for this task from a group of leading European research institutes.

The role of the ISG/SCC was announced in the Dutch Government’s plan of action;
“The State Secretary promised the Parliament to have a verification study implemented with regard to the TNO study. This verification study started on the 29th of February and will be implemented by the English research centre Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London. The objective of this verification is answering the questions whether TNO did implement the study in a methodological proper manner, whether TNO has thoroughly underpinned their findings, conclusions and recommendations and whether the TNO study is complete. The results of this verification study will be published in the beginning of April. The Dutch Parliament will then be informed on the continuation as soon as possible.”

The members of the ISG/SCC Counter Expertise team were:

  • Keith Mayes
  • Chez Ciechanowicz
  • Carlos Cid
  • Kostas Markantonakis
  • Gerhard Hancke
  • Fred Piper