ISG to host WISTP (6th Workshop in Information Security) in June 2012 at Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway Founder's Building north sideThe ISG is hosting the 6th Workshop in Information Security Theory and Practices (WISTP 2012). The event will be held in June 19-22 in Royal Holloway. The ISG Smart card Centre (SCC) played a pivotal role (along with colleagues from France, Belgium and Greece) in bringing this workshop into existence. The workshop’s steering committee has managed to make this event successful, recognised and equally important an event that bridges theory and practice in the field of Information Security.

'Gaming Security by Obscurity' research paper written by Professor Dusko Pavlovic

Prof. Dusko PavlovicA new research paper entitled ‘Gaming Security by Obscurity’ by the Information Security Group’s Professor Dusko Pavlovic has recently been published. The paper applies game theory to the conflict between hackers and security defenders in suggesting system security can be improved by making it difficult for attackers to figure out how their mark works. For example, adding a layer of obfuscation to a software application can make it harder to reverse.

VOME to take part in the Festival of Social Science 2011

vome logoThe Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) project will be taking part in the Festival of Social Science 2011 this weekend (29th & 30th October 2011).

Article regarding the Diginotar incident written by ISG Research Students

RHUL Prior to the recent public notification of security breaches, DigiNotar was a trusted Dutch company that hosted several CAs issuing digital certificates for many purposes, notably ‘PKloverheid’ certificates which were accredited by the Dutch Government. These breaches have attracted considerable discussion and may have serious consequences. Anyone wanting more detail is invited to read a short article written by two ISG research students, which outlines the DigiNotar incident and its consequences. The article can be found here

Cyber Security Challenge UK 2011

Cyber Security ChallengeThe UK Cyber Security Challenge is a series of national online games and competitions that will test the cyber security abilities of individuals and teams from every walk of life. It is designed to excite and inspire anyone considering a career in the cyber security industry. RHUL are one of the sponsors of the challenge and was a founding member of consortium back in 2009, working with the consortium throughout 2010. Fred Piper served on the board during this time and Allan Tomlinson served on the competitions committee who devised the competitions and set the assessment criteria

Dr Keith Mayes delivers Guest Lecture at Peking University

thumbDr. Keith Mayes recently accepted an invitation to visit Peking University (PKU) in September 2011 and gave a guest lecture as part of an autumn school run by the College of Engineering. PKU is a very prestigious national university in China, with a faculty, including 53 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 7 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and 14 members of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).