Information Security Group hosts major Alumni Reunion Conference

thumbThe Information Security Group (ISG) at Royal Holloway, University of London held their first ever Alumni Reunion Conference on 21 – 23 July 2008.

Senior ISG Researchers Talking To Industry

We all know that researchers in the Information Security Group are amongst the most active academics in the field of information security, but we also pride ourselves on our contacts within industry.

This relationship is definitely a two-way street – we ask industry for their best security problems and, when we find results, we let them know all about it. In the next couple of months, senior ISG researchers will be spending a lot of time talking with industry. The charge is being led by Prof. Fred Piper. Prof. Piper recently gave the keynote address in the CISO Executive Summit on the subject of authentication.

Job Vacancy: Senior Lecturer, Programme Director of the MSc in Information Security for External Students

Salary is in the range £44,925 to £51,740 inclusive of London Allowance.

Applications are invited for the post of Senior Lecturer, Programme Director of the MSc in Information Security for External Students. Please see the full job vacancy page for further information and details on how to apply.

PhD Vacancy - Algebraic techniques in non-commutative cryptography

We currently have a vacancy for a PhD student to carry out research in the area of non-commutative cryptography. The project requires techniques from algebra (especially group theory) and cryptography, and is motivated by the recent proposal of a number of public-key cryptosystems based on non- commutative algebraic structures such as Braid groups.

ITSO and Transport for London support Smart Card Centre research

thumbThe ISG Smart Card Centre (SCC) is very pleased to welcome ITSO, (a UK transport standardisations organisation) and Transport for London (TfL) as Associate Members. These two organisations represent the major driving forces in the UK for the use of smart card enabled travel systems and their support for the SCC is indicative of SCC/ISG expertise and experience in this area.

ISG/SCC Counter Expertise Task on the OV-Chipkaart System

thumbA team of Information Security Group/Smart Card Centre experts led by Dr. Keith Mayes was engaged by the Dutch Government to carry out a counter expertise analysis of a report into the Dutch OV-Chipkaart transport system. This was in response to some recently published attacks on Mifare Classic smart cards (on which some OV-Chipkaarts are currently based). The ISG/SCC was proud to have been selected for this task from a group of leading European research institutes.